Welcome to Rag Quilts!

Hi, my name is Karen and welcome to rag-quilts.com! I began making rag quilts a few years ago after I had my daughter and I no longer had the time to crochet blankets. I've always wanted to learn how to make quilts like my grandma did but I was very intimidated by the sewing machine. After I made my first rag quilt I fell in love with rag quilts and I've been making them ever since.

If you have never touched a sewing machine or made a rag quilt you will have no problem at all making your first rag quilt and catching the quilting bug. They are fast and fun and the best feeling is giving the gift of a quilt to a loved one for them to enjoy for years to come. If you've never made a rag quilt you can check out the information, watch the free videos or buy a book and get yourself started. On this site you'll find all the supplies you need to make a rag quilt, buy a rag quilt or even a rag quilt bag.

When I first started making rag quilts I had a really hard time finding what I wanted on the internet so I have created this website so others can find rag quilting related things all in one place. Whether you love making rag quilts or you enjoy giving handmade gifts to friends and family, you will find something on this website to fit your needs. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to email me and let me know what's on your mind.


Easy Americana Rag Quilting

Celebrate American traditions with your own handmade rag quilts in patriotic red, white, and blue. Bed rag quilts, lap throws, wall hangings, pillows and much more. This book contains 80 pages and 24 rag quilting designs.


Spring Loaded Rag Quilting Scissors

Fine quality, made of high grade steel and very durable. They are rust and corrosion resistant with razor sharp edges that give easy, clean, precise cuts. This spring action ergo shear is easy on the hands.